Male urinary incontinence

 1. Question:Is the surgical procedure fully covered by the National Health Care System?
  • Answer: Yes.
 2. Question: What kind of anesthesia is used for this surgery?
  • Answer: General anesthesia with oro-tracheal intubationt.
 3. Question: How many hours does the surgery take?
  • Answer: About 1 hour.
 4. Question: Are there any risks concerning erection after the surgery?
  • Answer: No, there aren’t.
 5. Question: How many days of hospital recovery are expected following the surgery?
  • Answer: In general, from 2 to 4 days.
 6. Question: How long will I have to use a urethral catheter after the surgery?
  • Answer: The urethral catheter must stay in place for 24 hours following surgery.   
 7. Question: Are there any particular recommendations during convalescence?
  • Answer: During convalescence, antibiotic use is suggested for two weeks following surgery. It is also suggested that long car trips be avoided, as well as heavy labor, sexual activity and sports.
 8. Question: When will the prosthesis for incontinence be activated?
  • Answer: The prosthesis for incontinence will be activated one month after surgery.
 9. Question: Can I ride a bike or a motorcycle immediately after the surgery?
  • Answer: It is not recommended to ride bikes, motorcycles or horses after surgery.
 10. Question: Will total urinary continence be recovery following surgery?
  • Answer: Following prosthesis implantation and activation, the majority of patients will recover total urinary continence. A few patients complain of middle stress urinary incontinence.